Seraphinite Stone

This is a very interesting stone! It is called seraphinite, and one that I am not used to seeing. So its exciting to


Malachite found in Chrysocolla

This beautiful stone is one and 5/8 inches in size, and is absolutely beautiful and so interesting! It reminds me some of the ocean in more ways than one. Set in sterling silver, this is a beautiful pendant that I was so happy to find. Its hard to show just how beautiful it really is.


Labradorite Stone in Silver

This is a neat labradorite stone set in sterling silver, stamped .925 silver. The size is 8 and a half. One of the things I love about this stone, is how it shimmers in the light. You can see the light and colors reflect when you hold it at different angles. A very beautiful stone, and it makes me happy to see it more and more in jewelry lately.


Larimar Gemstone

This is a larimar ring that I found and love. The design on the ring is very pretty as well. Larimar is a very beautiful stone, and there are varying levels of quality.

This one is a zize 9 ring, which is large for me, but I can work with it.

Rhodochrosite Sterling Ring

The stone on this ring is just gorgeous. I love rhodochrosite as a stone in jewelry.


Larimar Stone Ring

I wish I had a better photo of this one, but this is also a larimar piece, set into a sterling silver .925 stamped setting. This one is much nicer, and set up higher than it looks here.


Larimar in Silver

Larimar is fast becoming a favorite stone of mine. This is not a supreme specimen, but it is pretty all the same.


Larimar and Fire Opal Pendant

Larimar and fire opal go well together I think. This larimar isn't as blue or having a pattern as much as some others, but it is still very pretty. I love how the fire opal shows its colors so beautifully, and how the larimar reminds me of the ocean.


Australian Fire Opal Ring

This is another opal that is rather new to me. This one is called an Australian Fire Opal. A couple of things to note, are that this wasn't easy to photograph for some reason. Also, it just isn't that brilliant of an opal, so don't consider this the "spokesman" for the Australian Fire Opal. I like the silver setting, and the stone is still pretty. It is a unique ring for sure.


Fire Opal Pendant

I have always loved opals. My Father purchased a sweet opal ring for me when I was a young girl, and I loved it and wore it all the time. This is a unique opal in a very unique sterling silver setting. It is a fire opal, so the colors of the opal itself are stunning.


Online Calculator

I love having an easy to use calculator handy. So I am just putting this here.

Gems, Rocks and Jewelry


Gemstones, rocks and even jewelry, to some degree, have been a fascination of mine since I was a very young girl. It makes sense to me to dedicate a blog to these lovely, fascinating specimens!

I hope you find some things to look at, and perhaps even learn something new while you are here. Consider bookmarking, and checking back to see what has been recently added to this blog. I try to keep up with the latest gems and stones that are being used in jewelry, and that are also of general interest.

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